The An'kar Chronicles

Ongoing Series

A little grimdark, a little Lovecraft, a little Tolkien, and a whole lot of blood.

An ongoing series of novellas by G.E. Newbegin.,


 Planned as a world-building puzzle, the world of An'kar is dark, complex, and blood-soaked.
The idea for the An'kar Chronicles was not an overly original one - as the case may go with many ideas in modern times. I wondered what a world might look like 1000 years after a battle between good and evil... but the bad guys won. This idea has been done time and time again, but I decided to stretch it a little - what if it turned out that there was a bigger, badder enemy out there as well, that neither the good guys no the bad guys were even aware of?

For fear of giving away too much, I'll stop there, but this was the impetus behind my planning and world building for the An'kar Chronicles. But I will also say this - influenced by the way that video games and professional wrestling (yes, seriously) tells long, slow stories over time, with twists and reveals and hidden storylines, I decided to release this story over about 20 novella-length short stories. Whether or not this will work remains to be seen, but for me as a writer - it's fun as hell.

And if people do enjoy it, and they do want more...? Well, I may or may not have even planned for a possible novel-length epic story within this world as well... but only after I've completed my plans for the An'kar Chronicles.



The Fathomless Sky Lake is the first novelette in the An'kar Chronicles series, and the first story chronicled by Jemma Sarkis.

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