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Cover Reveal: The Fathomless Sky Lake is available for Pre-Order!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Here it is - The Fathomless Sky Lake - the first novelette in the An'kar Chronicles series! This is a short story (approximately 80 pages/1h), releasing on April 8, 2022!

As hopefully comes through with the styling of the cover, I wanted a bit of an old-school style, a little pulpy even. While not a bloody title, this is very much a dark fantasy - or a horror fantasy if you prefer. I hope you enjoy it and come back for more titles in the An'kar series (the next is only a few months away).

Ebook pre-order available now (link below); the paperback will be available on April 8!


Something sinister, lost to time and memory, is about to be uncovered.

The Sultans of An’kar are rulers in name only – it’s well known that the Lamentium pull their strings. As the only beings in An’kar that can wield magic, they are both feared and hated. None are permitted to question their authority, and the study of pre-Lamentium history is forbidden under pain of torture.

Jemma Sarkis, a novice scholar in Erit, discovers a scroll that outlines an ancient ritual, which can only be performed at the Sky Lake. Anticipating the rich history to be discovered there, she eagerly seeks approval to be sent to investigate. However, the site is of no interest to the Academy or to the Lamentium powers that guide them.

Certain the Lamentium has something to hide, Jemma secures approval and sets off on a journey to the ancient Sky Lake.

What she finds there will shape the future of An'kar.


Ebook pre-order is available NOW from the following link (this is the US store, but change to your region to order in your currency):

Ebook Pricing:

  • $2.99 US

  • $3.99 AUD

  • £2.14

  • ¥330

Paperback will be available on release day, April 8 (possibly sooner, depending on how quickly it goes through approvals)!

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