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Pyramidion short story coming soon!

Hey folks, it’s been some time since I released something, and, if you’ve read Pyramidion, you’ll know I promised a short story by the end of this year!

This (as yet unnamed) short story has been written and edited, I’m just prettying it up for release – I should be able to scrape it into 2021 in order to keep my promise – phew! Effectively, it acts as an epilogue to Pyramidion, so I would recommend NOT reading it if you haven’t yet gotten around to the book. It’s also quite different to Pyramidion, for reasons that are prety much immediately apparent… To be clear – Pyramidion is set on Earth, while this short story is… not.

So keep an eye out on this site for news – coming very soon!

And for those yet to read Pyramidion? Perhaps I will also offer the Prologue for free – how about that?

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