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Cover Reveal: PYRAMIDION


A project I started all the way back in March 2020, not knowing at the time where it was going or where it would end up, now finally coming to the end of its first phase – publication!

While I don’t have pre-order details just yet (they are coming within the next day or two), I can tell you that the book is targeted for release on JUNE 5TH!

And that spectacular cover you see to the right? This was drawn and designed by Simon Sherry – cover artist extraordinairre. Please, follow him on Twitter for more of his phenomenal art.

And keep an eye out on this very website for pre-order details in the next couple of days!

(Also, have you signed up for the mailing list yet? Head on over to the Home Page and scroll down to the bottom. This will include information on forthcoming books, but also free stories in the world of Pyramidion, coming soon!)

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